Hippodrome Casino Dress Code

Hippodrome Casino in London is an iconic landmark, renowned for its exciting gaming environment, stylish interior, and luxurious ambiance. Hippodrome Casino Dress Code reflects the sophistication of the casino and offers visitors a chance to dress to impress. Whether you are looking to enjoy the slots, roulette, or blackjack, it’s important to be aware of the dress code before you arrive.

Hippodrome Casino Dress Code

The Hippodrome Casino has a strict dress code that all visitors must adhere to. The casino encourages guests to dress in a smart and fashionable manner. Dressing appropriately will make for a more enjoyable experience and will ensure that the environment remains pleasant for all guests.

Upper Level Dress Code

The upper levels of the casino require guests to dress more formally. This includes suits, tuxedos, and other smart attire. The dress code is designed to create an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance. This is to ensure that all guests feel comfortable and welcome in the casino.

Lower Level Dress Code

The lower levels of the casino have a more relaxed dress code. This includes smart casual wear such as trousers and collared shirts. Guests are also allowed to wear jeans, but they should be in good condition and without holes or rips. Shoes should be appropriate for the casino environment, and sandals and flip-flops are not permitted.

Additional Information

The Hippodrome Casino also has certain accessories and items that are not allowed in the casino. These items include hats, caps, hoodies, and sunglasses. Mobile phones are also not allowed in the casino, and visitors must turn them off before entering. In addition, the casino has a strict no smoking policy.

Hippodrome Casino Dress Code Conclusion

The Hippodrome Casino is an iconic landmark in London, renowned for its luxurious ambiance, stylish interior, and exciting gaming environment. The Hippodrome Casino Dress Code reflects the sophistication of the casino and provides visitors with the chance to dress to impress. Following the dress code is essential for making the experience enjoyable for all guests and maintaining the pleasant atmosphere of the casino.